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Traffic to the Island: many people coming from all over New England, participants, spectators and beach goers who will be spending a weekend in Gloucester and will be in search of food and lodging.


Associating with a Fresh Event: The landscape of New England is changing and these new events are bringing an exciting attraction and audience to Gloucester. This event is an up and coming spectacle in Gloucester and will eventually evolve into a beach festival with all sorts of competitions and entertainment.


Benefiting a great cause: We will be giving a portion of the proceeds to Fishermen Youth Soccer, Gloucester High School Men's & Women's soccer and Soccer Without Boarders, a global initiative that funds soccer programs in underprivileged areas.

Corporate Sponsorship:


One of a Kind: The New England Beach Soccer Cup is the only Adult beach soccer tournament in New England, though we are a smaller tournament, the opportunity for expansion is inevitable given the added interest from participants all over. Associating your company with an up and coming, unique event. This event is unlike any other tournament or competition in existence in New England. This game is gaining popularity all over the country and you would get to be a part of its evolution in this region.

A Personal Approach: it is rare to find a large company sponsoring a smaller, local event like this. This is a great chance to reach out to a local community.

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