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Tournament Rules


2x10 minute halves

5 players on the field (4 field players + goalie)

No Offside!

Initial Kickoff is indirect



  • Unlimited

  • On the Fly (except for goalies -  must be a dead ball)


Red Card/Yellow Card

  • 1 Yellow Card = Warning

  • 2 Yellow Cards = Red Card

  • Red Card = expelled from match

    • Also puts your team at a 1 man disadvantage for 2 minutes


Fouls/Free kicks

  • Attacking Half

    • Free kick placed at the center line (half)

      • Unobstructed view to the net (much like a penalty kick, everyone is behind you/center line

  • Defensive Half

    • Free kick at spot of the foul

    • Imaginary triangle from the ball to both goal post (see video on above)


Throw-in/Kick-in (all indirect)

  • If the ball goes outside the touch line players can either throw or kick the ball


Goalie Restarts

  • Goalies can only restart play with their hands; no feet

  • Goalies can only use their hands once in a possession

    • Ex. Goalie passes ball to teammate (with hands), teammate passes ball back to goalie, goalie may not use his hands again; only kick

Match Points

  • Group stage

    • Tie = 1 pt

    • Win = 3 pts

    • Loss = 0 pts

  • Knockout round (no ties)

    • Penalty kicks

Player Conduct

New England Beach Soccer is a family friendly event. Please note that you will be playing at a public beach and to be courteous of the environment and others. Although an amature tournament, pofessional attitude is required.



Good Harbor Beach Parking is $30/car

Free parking is very limited around Good Harbor Beach

Please let us know if you would like more information about parking in the area.

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